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The explosive growth of smart home technology continues at pace, and it?s a long way from peaking just yet. However, there aren?t many parts of your home that don?t stand to be smartened up a bit, and that includes your home heating system thanks to smart thermostats.

A smart thermostat, or wi-fi thermostat, will provide more control over your heating than you may have ever thought possible. If you prefer it warmer or cooler, but don?t want to make an effort to get up and change it manually, well, there?s an app for that. Have you gone out for the day and left the heating on, ensuring a comfortable temperature for nobody in particular? There?s an app for that too.

Now, it takes more than a mobile app to convince those of you that are on the fence. Some might say a product cannot call itself ?smart? without one. Fortunately, I came prepared, so here are a few more reasons why a smart thermostat could be the ideal addition to your home.

A Smart Thermostat will Cut Your Energy Bills

While not always the case, when it comes to thermostats, the ?smart? in the name does indeed refer to a certain level of intelligence. You don?t need to break the bank to introduce some brand new tech into your home that will get used to your habits and adjust accordingly.

  • A wi-fi thermostat will learn your behaviour and adjust heating automatically. Play with the settings as usual and it will get an idea of when you?re out, when you?re at home and when you?re asleep. Every model comes with manual options too, so if your sleep and work schedules aren?t exactly reliable, you can still put your new device to work.
  • Smart thermostats enable you to create temperature zones. This is basically the modern way of turning radiators on and off in different rooms.
  • If you enable it through the app and your device supports it, your smart thermostat will utilise location services to determine without a doubt whether you?re home or away.
  • Better thermostats come with sensors to pick up on dramatic changes in temperature and draughts and will update the heating profile accordingly.

A Safer Home

There are benefits to being able to turn the heating and hot water off remotely. However, better models take things a step further thanks to their sensors. Models such as the Nest Learning Thermostat can detect raised levels of carbon monoxide in the air. If it finds them, it will automatically shut the boiler down to limit exposure.

Smart Thermostats Help with Reminders

Maintenance is an essential part of keeping your heating system running smoothly, but it is easy to forget the schedule. Most heating professionals recommend an annual service and there may be filters and other parts on your boiler and throughout your heating system that require regular checkups.

Many smart thermostats can keep track of these schedules and will often deliver reminders to your phone by way of notifications. It isn?t the most significant leap forward in smart technology, but it saves the hassle of writing maintenance-related tasks down on the calendar!

If you?ve got a smart thermostat in your home, how does it perform for you? Do you have any tips to share or anything you recommend? The Robode team and I would love to hear from you if you do, so leave your comments below!

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